Women, people of color, immigrants, we’re fucking hilarious. We have experienced so much bullshit and I have leaned on laughter and a good story with my friends to heal from that. In this workshop, we will practice writing and performing a “good funny story”. Think about the hilarious story someone tells when you’re at dinner, when you’re meeting new people at a party, think about calling your best friend after experiencing some fuck boy bullshit. We all have moments in our life that just scream THIS SHOULD BE ON A SITCOM. This workshop is about focusing on those moments and being able to share them.


Journaling is art. Journaling is art. Journaling is art.

I will say this over and over till you believe me. Journaling is when we have the chance to magically put everything out of our brains onto paper with zero-judgement it is an example of unfiltered creativity and feeling! In this workshop we will look at examples of journal art, work through different journal prompts, and use mixed-media techniques to create a beautiful page of journal art.